Vinculum Capital Partners was founded in Feb 2008 by alumnus from IITs, IIMs and INSEAD. We started with a vision to introduce ‘bulge bracket investment banking services’ to the SME sector in India. In the first two years, the company actively worked on the buy-side and the sell-side mandates and represented reputed clients like HT Media, Playboy Energy Drinks, and even helped United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to understand the role of private equity in the auto component sector in India.

By 2010, while representing companies on transactions, we recognized an explicit gap in the Corporate Finance functions in companies. Majority of the companies had an accounts department with a conspicuous absence of Corporate Finance functions and departments. That is when we started our “CFO services” to provide part time CFOs for companies. Promoters of these companies realized the importance of such roles and we started providing CFOs for companies across sectors and achieved a good traction.

By 2011, we had started partnering with promoters and looked at companies from inside. This is when we recognized the three fundamental and “strategic” questions that promoters constantly grapple with. We developed a Strategic Advisory team and developed a proprietary advisory framework for working with SME promoters and solving strategic business problems related to Growth, Cash and Operations.

By 2014, Vinculum defined and developed three advisory pillars of Finance, Strategy and Execution, focused primarily on SMEs and early stage companies. The team comprises of partners who bring in competencies from their respective domains. Even while working in world-class business environments we are always conscious about translating our experience to the unique needs of smaller companies.

Vinculum is selective while hiring talent. Along with partners from globally recognized institutions and organizations, we have recruited interns from IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur and IIM Kozikhode.